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The term “grassroots” refers to a ground-up, community-based approach to nutritional reformation. Consider us your trusted source of reliable, science-driven knowledge and expertise.

Welcome parents of Pediatric Medical Center

Pediatric Medical Center is proud to offer a full range of services to their patients in addition to their preventive care (well child physicals) from birth through young adulthood. 

Welcome clients of Wellnessmart!

Wellnessmart, MD is an outpatient clinical laboratory and testing facility. We have 45 locations that provide an array of on-demand lab testing services.

Welcome clients of My Own Life Foundation!

Our philosophy is to emphasize the ability and not the disability of the individual. Our training focuses on helping people integrate with the natural environment whether it be their community, with non-disabled persons or their home. Our activities are designed to enable a person to transition to a pattern of life which is similar to that experienced by people without intellectual disabilities.

Welcome clients of Beach Cities Medical Weight Loss!

Grassroots is proud to be part of your journey toward a healthier future. Below you will find a 7-day meal plan complete with wholesome, nutrient-rich food choices. Whether you decide to follow the plan to a T, or simply use it as a guide, the important thing is to MAKE your food choices…not to let your food choices make YOU. In other words, please be sure to limit your calories from sugar and other processed carbohydrates because the more of these foods you consume, the more you will crave, and the harder it will be to lose weight.

Monday: Total calories = 1,265 1 Hard-boiled egg w/ arugula and hot sauce (optional). 2 pieces of bacon. Green salad* w/ 4 oz protein, 1/2 apple, extra veggies optional. Olive oil and lemon juice for dressing. Other 1/2 apple (sliced) w/ 2 oz hard white cheese. Steak w/ Greek corn salad
Tuesday: Total calories = 1,375 1/2 avocado w/ pico de gallo. 1 hb egg w/ micro greens and hot sauce (optional). #Steak Salad: Green salad mix with Greek Corn salad added. 1/2 Sliced pear w/ 15 almonds. Inside-out Chicken Cordon Bleu
Wednesday: Total calories = 1,552 1 hb egg w/ arugula and hot sauce (optional). 1 hb egg, 1 piece of bacon. Leftover Chicken Cordon Bleu on Green salad w/ pear. Olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar for dressing. 1 cup of cantaloupe w/ 2 oz hard white cheese. BBQ Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Thursday: Total calories = 1,482 4 oz Leftover chicken w/ arugula. 2 pieces of bacon. Leftover BBQ Chinese Chicken on Green salad. No dressing. 1/2 Sliced pear w/ 15 almonds. Glazed Salmon with Spiced Carrots
Friday: Total calories = 1,467 1 hb egg with 2 strips of bacon. 1/2 avocado w/ hot sauce. Leftover Glazed Salmon on Green salad. No dressing. 1/2 banana w/ 1 tsp peanut butter. Herb + Mustard Sirloin w/ Baked Potato
Saturday: Total calories = 1,130 1/2 avocado w/ fresh squeezed lemon. 2 pieces of bacon. 2 celery stalks with 1 tbsp hummus. Leftover Sirloin on Green salad. Dijon Mustard and Herbes de Provence for dressing. 20 Pistachios. Nacho Chicken Salad
Sunday: Total calories = 1,333-1,533 2 eggs over easy. 1 small potato roasted w/ red peppers. 1 small piece of sourdough toast. 2 strips of bacon. 1/2 banana w/ 2 oz. walnuts. Roasted cauliflower w/ fresh herbs. 1 medium carrot w/ 1 tbsp of hummus. Cheat Dinner >

Whether you are a concerned parent of an overweight child, an athlete interested in optimizing your performance, or simply wish to be healthier, GNS will empower you to finally BE the change that you admire.

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