Grassroots Nutrition System FAQ

What is the best way to lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is to limit added sugar and other processed foods,
including alcohol.

This accomplishes two important things:
- It keeps your insulin levels low (which keeps us from gaining body fat).
- It promotes metabolic flexibility or “fat-burning” (which is not possible in the
presence of insulin).

What is the definition of Processed Food?

Processed food (PF) is any food that is altered from its natural state.

• PFs can be cut, chopped, heated, pressed, ground, bleached, fortified, etc.
• 85% of PFs contain added sugar.
• PFs are concentrated calories that cause mitochondrial overload.

PFs produce pro-inflammatory molecules when metabolized.

- Inflammation is the root cause of most metabolic disease.

• PFs often contain fat and sugar together which does not occur in nature.

- This combination of fat and sugar are irresistible to the brain promoting cravings,
withdrawals, and tolerance (these are the hallmarks of addiction).

Why is Processed Food bad for you?

PFs are highly concentrated foodstuffs that lack the inherent fiber present in
“Real” food. Without fiber nutrients are absorbed into the body much too quickly.

This concentration of simple sugar overwhelms the liver causing it to produce pro-inflammatory molecules called free radicals as well as dangerous molecules called very low density lipoproteins.

PFs are high in simple sugars which raise insulin levels. Chronically high insulin levels are damaging to the body (hyperinsulinemia).

What is Grassroots Nutrition System?

GNS is a multi-level program that focuses on metabolic health and longevity.

• EAT Program: A comprehensive 30-day dietary intervention designed to help you reduce processed foods. There are three major tenets to the program: Education, Accountability, and Time on Task (or consistency).

• Grassroots web app: Provides valuable nutritional information, meal plans, helpful
educational and behavioral videos, and daily tasks to help you stay motivated.

• Concierge nutrition services: Month-to-month service that provides nutritional and behavioral coaching to further ensure your success well in to the future.

In order to reach your weight loss goals and prevent disease you MUST limit
calories from processed foods and alcohol. We provide a road map specifically
designed to accomplish this goal.

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