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Thank you for visiting Grassroots Nutrition System, your trusted source of responsible nutrition information.  My name is Jason Livingston, lead nutrition educator and owner of Grassroots Nutrition System.  In this, my first post, I just want to lay out the vision of these blog posts going forward.  The overarching goal is to keep my subscribers abreast of the latest research and journal articles that I am paying attention to in the world of basic nutrition, athletic performance, longevity, and disease prevention.  I wish to add my voice to a growing community of responsible teachers, coaches, scientists, and authors dedicated to exposing the 800 pound gorilla that resides in our kitchen.

This chapter of my life began 4 years ago when I came across a lecture called Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Dr. Robert Lustig.  In it, he explains how chronic sugar consumption drives insulin resistance, obesity, disease and premature death.  IMPORTANT: If you are in the field of public health and have not watched this video, please click the link provided above.  From that day forward I have dedicated a large portion of my time, in addition to being a father of three and a full-time Kinesiologist, to writing a comprehensive nutrition protocol aimed at reducing the need for added sugar and other processed food in our diet.  Simply put, this is sugar rehab.  What makes this particular addiction interesting, of course, is that you likely will continue using your drug of choice… and therein lies the rub.  I believe I have honed in on a unique approach to lowering your reliance on sugar and other processed carbohydrates in a way that you will find manageable, successful, and downright life-changing.

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